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7 Effective Ways to Teach Geometry

7 Effective Ways to Teach Geometry

A huge number of students have difficulties in solving geometry problems. This is compounded by the fact that many grades in this discipline in schools are given to students for their knowledge of theorems, while insufficient time is given to the practical part: the teacher manages to explain only two or three examples per lesson at the blackboard.

Tips for tutors:

1. Remember that geometry contains a fixed set of topics studied strictly in chronological order. Almost always, the student's ignorance is a "snowball", and difficulties in solving the problem arise due to not acquired knowledge on previous topics. It is necessary to find the very moment from which the student ceased to understand the subject, and begin the explanation with it.

2. Any theory should be supported by practice. As soon as you have explained the topic, immediately give the child several tasks, ensure that he solves them on his own without your prompting.

3. Simplify the solved examples as much as possible: ideally, the answer should be in one action - this will prompt the student to the idea that geometry is not such a difficult subject as it seemed to him before. Gradually let's make the tasks more difficult.

4. Formulate tasks in the form of drawings, not text. Try to develop the child's imagination, when explaining, use auxiliary material, for example, a children's constructor.

5. Always ask which theorem or property he applies at each step of the solution. It is necessary that the efforts of your ward turn not into ordinary cramming, but into understanding how theory is used in practice.

6. Systematically give the child the same type of tasks on the topics covered every two weeks for several months, ask the theory orally. In order not to forget yourself how many times and when you repeated the studied material with the student, keep a calendar in which you will record it.

7. Pay attention to theory. Before forcing the child to learn the exact wording of the theorem, ask him to explain it in his own words: it is important to gain an understanding of the new material.